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Fully Operated Mobile Crane Service with Certified Operators

King Crane Service has provided fully operated and maintained mobile crane services with certified operators (NCCCO) to Northern California since 1981 which include, All Terrains, Truck Cranes, and Conventional Truck Cranes.

We provide lift solutions for any application and specialize in hoisting HVAC equipment, machinery moving, plant relocation, precast building panels, steel and rebar, prefabricated bridges, heavy rock, tree removal landscaping, man baskets, and personnel platforms.

Our turnkey operated and maintained crane services solutions are complete with lift engineering, receive-store-haul and set service, secure equipment storage, rigging crews, trucking, and heavy hauling service and pilot cars.

All Terrains / 2 man cranes


Truck Cranes / 1 Man Cranes


Conventional Truck Cranes

All overtime is reckoned hourly

*Trucking required for counterweight and/or boom and jib sections

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