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Common Jobs - HVAC Installation and Transport

HVAC Installation and Transport

Look to King Crane, one of Bay Area’s most trusted crane service providers, if you need a crane to install a large HVAC unit. Our fleet of mobile cranes is available for bare lease, or for operated rental where we do the entire job for you, including storing, transport installation and replacement of an HVAC unit. With over 35 years of experience, the King Crane team will do the job fast and easy. 

King Crane has 23 all-terrain and mobile cranes available for rent and access to various storage facilities in Northern California. One of many specializations in their crane service is HVAC unit placement in the residential and commercial construction industries. These industries commonly use cranes for the placement of HVAC units on roof mounted units, or commercial spaces such as; multifamily, shopping, warehouse, or office buildings.


Identifying if a crane is needed for an HVAC replacement and installation is simple. There are three common HVAC installation jobs that require a crane:

Commercial HVAC Installation

In almost every case a commercial HVAC unit weighs over 120 pounds and needs to be lifted over 20 feet. Buildings that commonly have these units are duplexes, triplexes, offices, malls, warehouses etc. 

Residential HVAC Installation

You will need a crane if the residence or residential unit has a roof mounted HVAC.

HVAC Installation in Compact Spaces

When an HVAC unit is in a hard to reach area that is tight or compact, a crane may be required for removal and placement of the new one. Homes that don’t have easy access to the units due to small areas, or if the unit was placed in a hard angle it usually requires crane assistance.


Request a quote today to rent a crane for your HVAC placement project! We are easy to do business with.

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